Cardiac Rehab and Met Levels – OT Miri

Cardiac Rehab and Met Levels- OT Miri

Cardiac Rehab & Met Levels Flascard – OT Miri

MET Levels

= (Metabolic Equivalent) Amount of Energy it cost to complete a task as indicated by the amount of oxygen it requires.

1 MET= laying in bed waking up

2.5 METs= to get dressed

Cardiac Rehab

Phase 1ACUTE inpatient/ hospitilization

Pt. at this level is tired and weak.


  • Vital Signs (monitor at all times)
  • Patient and Family education
    • Energy conservation
    • Work simplification
    • Cardiac post surgery precautions (sternal precautions)
    • Guidelines to appropriate activity level
  • Improve Self Care activities (ADLS)
  • Activities at MET level 1-2
  • Bed and WC mobility
  • Transfers
  • Bath, grooming and feeding while sittin
  • MET levels 2-3
    • Seated showers, dressing,
  • Discharge patient at MET level 3.5.

Phase 2Outpatient Rehab/Convalescent home (3.5+METS)

This is after you leave the hospital.

4-5 METS to improve

Now you can use a standard shower, walk up the stairs, mopping, gardening, riding a bike, use a normal toilet.

  • OTs ROLE
    • Build up activity tolerance
    • Avoid any isometric straining because this involves increase oxygen demand
    • Improve IADLs
    • Graded exercise program
    • Improve abilities in occupational roles and work activities

Phase 3Maintenance phase

            Not covered by Medicare.

Less intense, monitored exercise program.


 1st at rest

METS 1.5-2

  • Transfers
  • Sitting playing cards
  • Sitting on the computer

METS 2-3

  • Seated sponge bath (Heat makes the heart work harder, Cold water chills the patient and requires more energy ONLY WARM SHOWERS)
  • Dressing/Undressing
    • Raising the arm is more intense then LE movements, so avoid over head movements for longer periods of time until pt. Progresses.
  • Dusting
  • Light wood working
  • Washing dishes
  • Play instruments like guitar

METS 3-4

  • Standing to take a shower (STILL WARM NOT HOT OR COLD)
  • Make the bed
  • Sweep/Mob

METS 4-5

  • Golf, carrying your own clubs
  • Badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Dancing
  • Light carpentry

METS 5-6

  • Can have sex at this level
  • Make your own bed, change linens
  • Shoveling/digging

1-6 mets think of this story.

 You have to know how to get dressed and undressed (2-3) then you have to learn how to make your own bed (3-4) then you change your linens to something sex (4-5) and now you can put those linens to good use! To have sex (5-6)

METS 6-7

  • Walking briskly POWER WALKER
  • Ski or basketball?

METS 7-8

  • Jogger

METS 8-9

–           Runner

METS 10+

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