Career Scope of Occupational Therapy in USA 2019

What Occupational Therapists (OTs) really do?

Occupational therapists are responsible for the treatment of ill, injured or disabled people by the use of the therapeutic activities in every day life. They help patients in recovering, development as well as improvement and also in maintaining skills required for routine working and daily living.

Scope / Job Overview:

Occupational Therapy jobs are going to increase in the future. The jobs are going to increase at 24% rate from 2016 to 2026.The field is considered as everlasting because its importance will continue to increase in future.

The world has now started shifting from medicines and tablets for the treatment of different illnesses and disabilities to more natural theraputic processes and activities.

The future seems very much bright and there are many students who are considering not only Occupational Therapy but also other kinds of therapy such as Physical, Physiotherapy as their future career.

So if you are looking forward to become an OT, do not hesitate or think too much because the field is ready to accommodate many people and the scope is going to become even higher than ever before.

The expectation is that the need for professional Occupational therapists will increase as large baby boom ages and people also stay active later in life. These health professionals can help older people maintain their independence by suggesting some home adjustments and strategies that aim to help everyday activities. Therapists also play a role in the treatment of many disorders and diseases that are often associated with aging, such as arthritis and strokes.

Here are some stats of Occupational Therapy that you must go through just to make a better decision for your future.

Stats and Figures regarding Occupational Therapy:

Average Salary of Occupational Therapists (OTs) in USA:

Occupational Therapist Salary Information.

Typical Education to enter the OT Career:

Most commonly OTs are Master’s degree qualified as it is the professional degree in any education department.

Employment Size of the Job or Occupation in 2016:

According to United States Department of Labor the jobs numbered to about 130,400.

Employment Change, 2016-26

The projected numeric change in employment from 2016 to 2026 is 31,000.

Become an Occupational Therapist:

As discussed earlier OTs typically have Master’s Degree and all the states in USA requires Occupational Therapists to be licensed.


About half of the Occupational Therapists work in offices of different hospitals. They also work in Schools, Nursing homes and Health Centers. There are also many who spend a lot of their time on their feet while dealing with patients.

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