Top 10 Creative Small Business Ideas for B2B thinkers

Business Ideas for B2B thinkers

If you have ever worked for a large company, you probably know that these companies often need external services. Instead of continuing to work as an employee, you can also choose to use your skills to score on your own. Here are some business ideas to start your own B2B company.

Business Planning Service

If you are the owner of a serial business and have already started and run some business successfully, you have probably drawn up some business plans in your time. Writing a business plan is a critical start for any business, but it is a process that not all business owners have gone through.

One of the best ideas for small businesses for experienced business owners ready for your next business is a business planning service. If you know how to carry out the entire process of creating a business plan, including business finance plans, market analysis, competition research, etc., customers will come to your service.

Tax Consulting

If you are a CPA or other registered agent, you can create a service specifically for corporate taxes. Collection and control of corporate taxes can be one of the most complicated aspects of managing a business. Therefore, if you have tax experience, business owners are ready to hire you for their services. In addition, unlike individual taxes, many companies need a tax advisor to help them throughout the year. This means that their services are in demand during the tax season and beyond.

IT Consulting

Do you have experience with computers and other technologies? If so, use that knowledge to your advantage and consider starting an IT consulting company. With limited budgets and resources, many small businesses can hire an external consultant to help them install, manage, update and troubleshoot their technology. As an IT consultant, you may be able to offer remote services and on-site support, giving you freedom and flexibility in a high demand area.

Public Relations Agency

If you have experience in public relations or simply have a broad network and knowledge in the business, a public relations agency may be the perfect business idea for you. Like some of these other B2B examples, small businesses often hire external public relations agencies to improve their public image and presence, including business marketing, events, press releases, public relations and more. Having a network of contacts in an industry will make your services even more attractive to companies in the industry.

In addition, you can easily set up your own public relations company without spending too much time or investment, hiring employees or renting office spaces as you grow.

Professional Organization

If you are incredulous organized, have a place for everything and have a good eye for color coding, consider entering the business of the professional organization. The professionals of the organization also work with companies and individuals to provide advice and strategies for the organization based on their spatial circumstances, receive practical help and help them overcome the disorder. With the time and effort required to clean a room, house or office, the professional organization has become a service that people are willing to pay.

Real Estate Business

If ownership is your passion, there are several ways in which you can serve other companies or individuals with your real estate business. You can establish your own real estate agency and work with companies or individuals to find suitable offices, houses or apartments.

But you can also buy your own property (if you have corporate finances, of course), to become a property manager or landlord, rent the space to tenants, maintain the property and act as a point of contact for possible problems. People will always need a place to live, and companies will also need a place to settle.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Are you a certified public accountant or a business accounting software assistant? Their less mathematical business owners could use their help to keep their personal and business finances in order.

As an accountant, he works on invoices and payrolls, compiles expense reports and much more. If you have a CPA license then you can help business owners.

  • File taxes
  • Create balance sheets
  • Accounting records
  • Make professional recommendations about their client’s results.

If you have the skills to implement your own accounting service, this is one of the best and most Creative ideas for small businesses.

Business Consulting

If you have been in business for a long time, people may require your knowledge and experience in your industry. You can be paid to speak at conferences or industry events, act as an advisory board for a young company or use your experience to design a contract-based strategy for an existing business.

Regardless of your area of expertise, starting a consulting firm is an excellent way to earn a substantial income while working on your own terms.

Marketing Services

Most entrepreneurs have an idea of how they want to market their businesses. On the other hand, implementing this plan can be a completely different game, especially for new business owners with little or no marketing experience.

As an independent marketing professional, you can work with small businesses that do not have the internal bandwidth to execute your marketing plans. Write your blogs, establish your SEO strategy, generate advertising campaigns, use inbound marketing tactics and do everything possible to turn your name into lights (proverbial).

Social Network Management

Social networks are a specialized marketing specialty that most business owners know they need, but few can. If you’re new to your phone and Instagram, and most conversations are up to 300 characters long, you’ll want to build a customer base of business owners who need help managing their brand’s social media platforms.

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