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Make Someone View your Instagram Story Forcefully without getting Caught or Noticed

Make Someone See your Story on Instagram without getting Caught or Noticed

My friends say I am pretty good at putting people in strange situations. So let me take advantage of that. Consider a situation that you want to make your Ex “jealous” by the help of your Instagram Story.

You want to show him/her that how happy you are with your new partner. How can you do that? Getting excited to know the trick. Well its quite simple and easy but you might have never thought of it.

The only thing you need to do is while uploading your Instagram story , you have to mention/tag the person you want to show your story to , but here is the “trick” , you have to scale down or minimize the size of username(of the particular person you are tagging) as much as you can.

After that take it to a corner of your story or place it wherever you want it to be and then place a nice little emoji or sticker over it. That’s it. The tagged guy/girl would think that he/she got notified due to some bug/error but “The damage has been done!”.

You have made someone to see your story who might not be willing to do so otherwise. How is it?

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