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How Much an Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary in 2019?

Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary in 2019

Everyone in this world wants to live a healthy life with at least as much money as needed to sustain one’s life with a little achievement of desires. Therefore, people choose different careers for themselves depending upon the resources they have and their qualifications. We can categorize them into different classes in terms of their earnings.

An Occupational Therapy Assistant who earns a handful at the end of each month or on daily basis. It is considered as a bright career because on can live his or her life happily if he or she becomes an Occupational Therapist or Occupational Therapy Assistant.

Today we are going to discuss that how much an Occupational Therapy Assistant can earn. But first, for those who don’t know what Occupational Therapy is, here is a brief Introduction.

Today you are going to get complete description and information about Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is used in the treatment of people who have lost their ability to work due to disability or mental disorders. It is an affiliated with health profession performed by occupational therapists (OT) and occupational therapy assistants (OTA).

The effect of the use of occupational therapy is a return to a healthy and active lifestyle. Labor distracts the patient from their fears and fears, from physical or mental pain. A person is included in the collective of patients, as a result of which a feeling of inferiority, isolation, etc. goes away.

Occupational therapy is not only a treatment, but also an opportunity to broaden one’s horizons, to discover the hidden potential and abilities in oneself.

Now coming back to our main topic that is the salary of an Occupational Therapy Assistant in the recent year 2019 in US.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Salary 2019:

The average an Occupational Therapy Assistant salary is $47,330 yearly.

Occupational Therapy Assistant earn an average salary of $47,330 per year. It typically starts from $35,890 and goes up to $62,180.

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Occupational therapy assistant salary by their seniority.


Per Hour in USD

Per Year in USD

Top-level 29.89 62,180
Senior Level 26.45 55,020
Mid-Level 22.75 47,330
Junior Level 19.95 41,490
Starting Level 17.25 35,890

Occupational therapy assistant salary by state

The state with Occupational Therapy Assistants of highest salary is Texas while the lowest yearly wage is recorded in South Dakota.

Texas $72,540
Arkansas $66,170
New Jersey $67,450
Maryland $65,400
California $69,940
Delaware $65,850
Virginia $64,290
Connecticut $61,950
New Mexico $62,090
Florida $62,560
Illinois $61,430
Washington $61,060
North Carolina $62,150
Rhode Island $61,140
Tennessee $60,210
Georgia $61,790
Arizona $61,640
Indiana $57,800
South Carolina $59,840
Oklahoma $59,290
Ohio $58,360
Idaho $56,980
Oregon $58,470
Kansas $58,360
Vermont $57,180
Louisiana $59,510
New York $57,280
Alabama $58,160
Missouri $56,700
West Virginia $56,360
District of Columbia $58,410
Utah $56,730
Massachusetts $56,100
Iowa $55,540
Kentucky $55,020
Nebraska $57,120
Mississippi $56,390
New Hampshire $54,030
Hawaii $54,390
Montana $55,980
Wyoming $51,600
Michigan $51,040
Colorado $50,170
Pennsylvania $48,970
Maine $47,330
Minnesota $47,550
North Dakota $44,970
Wisconsin $42,690
South Dakota $35,800

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