Occupational Therapy Salary Survey and Data

Occupational Therapy Salary Survey:

Please Participate in This Important Occupational Therapy Salary Survey. Result will be publish on monthly basis before of 10th of every month.

Occupational Therapy Salary Data:

GK SEEK Conducted a Survey in which 34 OTs participated. The aim of this survey was to categorize Occupational Therapists on the basis of their Salary, Yearly Income, Seniority Level, Education Level, State, Type of Job, Geographical Area, Hourly Rate, Pay Rate.

The Survey is totally based upon user generated data. The Survey Results have been thoroughly explained below.

Survey Results:

34 Therapists took the Survey and responded as follows.

There were 4 COTA and 30 OTs.

Survey Results based on Education Level:

The therapists answered in survey about their education level as follows.

There were 4 associates.

Survey tells that there were 3 Bachelors.

22 answered that they were Master’s Qualified.

The results have shown that out of 34 there were 5 OTDs.

We can Conclude that in general OTs with Masters level are dominant while the number of Associates , Bachelors and OTDs is 4,3,5 respectively that is nearly equal.

Geographic area:

Majority of the participants belong to Cities I.e 17 to be precise. 8 belonged to Large Metro Areas while 6 belonged to towns and just 3 of them belonged to rural areas.

Pay Rate:
14 responders told that they are on Hourly basis. 13 out of a total of 34 responses notified that they are salaried employees. There were 3 Contract based and 3 Per visit.

 Hourly Rate:

The Salary of these OTs ranged between 22.5$ and 82$ Per hour.

 Per Year Salary:

The survey shows that the salary per years of the participant OTs ranged between 15000$ per year to 101000$ per year.

Average # of hours / week:

The majority of these therapists work more than 35 hours a week.

Just a few of them are below this threshold.

Number of OTs Hours a Week
2 15+
3 20+
2 25+
5 30+
9 35+
12 40+
1 Varies


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