Top 10 Creative Small Business Ideas for Foodies

Creative Small Business Ideas for Foodies

If cooking is your favorite place (which means cooking in the kitchen and not just the food there!), Consider one of these small food business ideas for your next business.


If you are really ambitious culinary (and entrepreneurial), your biggest dream may be to start your own deli, restaurant, cafeteria or full-service restaurant. While establishing a restaurant is one of the most challenging, risky and expensive business ideas on our list, the reward can be excellent for those willing to do their job.

If you want to be safer than opening your own restaurant from scratch, you must open a franchise of an established restaurant chain and take advantage of a well-known brand.

Craft brewery

Craft breweries, also known as microbreweries, are booming in the United States. In fact, 98% of breweries based in the USA. They are in independent hands. So, if you’ve been brewing in your garage, you can monetize your hobby with the official call and opening of a microbrewery.

Ice cream shop

If you are not ready to invest in a full-service restaurant or cafeteria, or simply enjoy summer treats, why not open your own ice cream shop? Ice cream parlors are the perfect business idea for small, especially successful cities, as you can imagine, both for families after school and throughout the summer.

Although you will need some funds to start this type of activity, it will certainly be less useful than other food service companies.

Bed and breakfast

Do you live in an interesting destination? Does your house have a guest house, a maternity suite or just a guest room? Do you like to cook and entertain guests? If so, one of the best business ideas for you is to turn your home into a private B&B.

Websites such as VRBO and AirBnB have made it easier than ever to market your home for needy travelers, and you can even make new friends while traveling.


If you are a professional chef but you are tired of a restaurant, a catering service is a great way to immerse yourself in the world of self-employment.

To start, you need access to a commercial kitchen, a part-time server staff and some assistant chefs. However, compared to opening a restaurant, the general costs to establish and manage a catering business are much more manageable.

Custom baking

If you are a professional baker or bakery designer (or semi-professional or ambitious), you should consider setting up your own personalized bakery. Unlike catering services, bakers can often work in a non-commercial kitchen, provided they meet the requirements of health authorities.

Check your state and local regulations to determine exactly what you need to start your custom bakery.

Food truck

Food trucks are very popular and often offer unique specialties that are not easily sold in regular restaurants. Take your mother’s famous meatball recipe, or her idea of making a dessert, and head to local events, farmers markets, her local market, large corporate lunchtime complexes, wherever it is likely to attract a crowd.

Keep in mind that you generally must comply with certain safety regulations and regulations when operating a food truck. Contact your local health department to determine what requirements your mobile restaurant will meet.

Personal Chef

Similar to a catering company, but less involved and perhaps more flexible, you can start your own business as a personal chef.

You can use your culinary knowledge to cook for families or individuals and help them plan meals and recipes. With this type of culinary business, you become more personal with the kitchen, giving you the opportunity to work one by one with all kinds of people and navigate their limitations, tastes and aversions in terms of nutrition.

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