Top 10 Small Business Startup Ideas

Small Business Startup Ideas

Not everyone in this world is born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Many people are always looking to earn better than they where doing before and everyone wants to live a happy and successful life that is why there are always looking for opportunities and chances to come into their lives.

Today we are going to discuss 10 startup business ideas that you can start from scratch without much investment needed.


Freelancing is becoming popular day by day.There are many people who are doing businesses online.These people include large organizations as well as individual freelancers who are also earning very well. So if you have any skill that you can think that can pay.

You can exploit it by starting freelancing right from today.Freelancing includes many information and technology skills that people need. You can work from for them from your home or any other remote location.

T-Shirt printing

Printing is another business that is becoming popular because of its significance and not much investment needed. Many people have already doing it and many others are still to come in this field as there is very small investment needed in this business and many people want to come into this field. If you think that you can do better in this field you should go for it.

YouTube channel

YouTube has become really very large community. Thousands of hours of content is being uploaded every second to YouTube but unfortunately there is a lack of good creators. If you have any skill that you can show to others,you are recommended to start a YouTube channel.Even if you know cooking better and you are a good Chef for cook you can start a YouTube channel that can in future will pay to you if you think you are a good gamer or a good graphic designer or may be a good consultant in any field you can start a YouTube channel .Your earning in future will only depend upon your hard work consistency and your content.

Web developer

Businesses are not shifting from this world to the online world.

Everyone wants to reach more and more people and that can be done only by going online because that gives you more reach ,you can grab more and more people and in return it generates you more revenue and the person who can do this is a web developer who designs websites for others businesses and gets share of but they are not.

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 Home tuition

If you think that you are good at some subject  and you can teach it to others you should start a home tuition.It is a small business with relatively larger income and it doesn’t need any investment also there are many people offering home tuition to the students and they are earning much better than those working from nine to five daily. It really doesn’t need any hard work to do you just need to teach the students and get your pay.


If you think that you are a good writer.You can write a good script or imaginary stories, start blogging. There are many bloggers who earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars daily and if you are really a good writer then you can pursue your passion and you will be lucky that your passion and profession would be same and that is the main thing that many philosopher and motivational speakers suggest everyone.

AutoCAD and 3D architecture

There are many young professionals with AutoCAD and 3D architecture as their passion and they do their work in far more professional way than many civil engineers can do. Are you good at 3D architecture? Have you studied about it or you may have learned it from online source like YouTube? and if the answer is yes then you are lucky because you can offer your services of 3D architecture to people online.

There are many websites who encourage such people to join their platform and offer their services and get something in return daily or at the end of each month. Believe me it is really very bright profession with a lot of income because there are not many people who have joined 3D architecture.

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Fast food and Bakery products

Food and Bakery products need medium range of investment but they are highly giving back.

In every country developed or developing people are doing this business not only in proper shops but also on the roads.They have built their small shops besides the roads on the footpath and they are earning a handful of income. Everyone loves fast food like nuggets,burgers, pizzas, french fries and  finger chips etc. The people who visit bazaars and shops and Markets do have their lunch and dinner in these small shops having their meals and enjoying a lot.


This profession really needs zero investment but demands convincing power. There are many companies who want to reach more and more people who can buy their products. Who else but a marketing expert can do it better. A marketing expert’s job is to sell the company’s products and get a share in their earning.

Such people have a lot of convincing power that they are able to persuade others to buy the company’s product. The companies hire such people and are willing to pay as much as they want taking into account company’s policy and saving they would have. I always wanted to be a marketing expert and I am happy that I am.

Inflatable toys business

It is a business better than many with a very little investment needed. Many people are doing this. What really do is that they buy inflatable toys and inflate them with air pumps. These toys are just like balloons and are more rigid and do not get burst.

Children love these toys and are always willing to buy if ever they see them on the roadside during hangout or market visit with their parents. Requirement of this business is hard work because you need to go out to sell them even you can start an affiliate with shops and offer them your products and make a fair deal with them.

Real estate agents

By the name you can think that this business needs a lot of investment because you need to buy the land and then sell it to others. But that is not the only way of entering this profession. There are people who are doing this business with very low investment and thousands of dollars earning.

What they do is that they find people who need to buy the land and at the same time they find those people who are willing to sell the land. It may be a shop,house or even a market. These people become a source or channel between the buyer and the seller and get a share from both of them. Requirement of this profession is that you have to convince the buyer to buy and seller to sell by keeping a margin between them and that margin is basically your earning.


In past only large organizations and companies had salesman but nowadays even small shops have their salesmen who go from door to door to sell the products.If you think then you can sell others products and can do some field work by going from door to door and other shops then you should try your luck there.

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