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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2020

Top 10 “Highest Paying Jobs” In Canada

Registered Nurse

One of the most requested jobs of the Government of Canada for 2019 is registered nurse. The average salary of a registered nurse is $ 37.47 per hour and demand is strong in all provinces and territories.

To become a registered nurse, you need a degree and register with the provincial or territorial Regulatory Authority.

Salary: $19 to $60.70 per hour

Software Engineer

Not only technology companies need software engineers. Almost all industries rely on computer programs and applications to do business these days and someone has to design the software.

On average, software engineers in Canada earn $ 90,000 a year.To get the right grades for work, you can learn coding and application design with easy courses that will look amazing on your resume.

Salary: $48,000 to $153,000 per year

Account Manager

An Account Manager manages the business of a company with specific customers. The average salary of an account manager in Canada is $ 83,000 per year and can increase your earnings significantly through commissions, which makes the management of accounts is one of the well-paid jobs for the newcomers.

It is recommended that you have a degree in Business Administration or something similar. Experience in sales also helps.

Salary: $57,000 to $101,000 per year

University Professor

Although an academic career does not always pay well, the average university professor in Canada earns $ 100,327 per year.

It also comes with an unexpected benefit: many universities allow employees ‘ children to study for free. However, becoming a university professor takes years of dedication: he usually needs a doctorate in the chosen field.

Salary: $29,000 to $215,000 per year


Industry professionals will continue to be in demand in Canada for several years. They are also very well paid in Canada.

Anesthesiologists have one of the best paid jobs in the world and in Canada they earn an average of $ 298,801 per year.

To become anesthesiologist in Canada, you must study for a university degree, then complete a medical degree and perform at least five years of residency training.

Finally, you must pass the special examinations of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Salary: $109,000 to $580,000 per year

Chartered Professional Accountant

As long as there are companies and people who need to pay taxes, there will be a demand for professional accountants or Certified Public Accountants.

The average wage for Public Accountants in Canada is $ 64,039 a year, but bonuses and profit sharing can add a considerable amount to their total earnings.

To become a CPA in Canada, you need a bachelor’s degree, preferably with a specialization in accounting, and then completing the PEP of CPA or the education Program of the prerequisites of the CPA.

Salary: $42,000 to $103,000 per year

Business Analyst

The average salary of a business analyst in Canada is $ 70,378 annually. Companies need business analysts to find the best ways to operate efficiently. Work requires commercial and technological knowledge.

You will need at least one degree in a field such as Business Administration for entry level posts.

Salary: $27,000 to $134,000 per year

Engineering Project Manager

Engineering project managers had one of the best-paid jobs in demand in Canada in 2018 and demand will remain strong in 2019.

The average salary of an engineering project manager in Canada is $ 81,797 per year, but can be increased through bonuses, profit sharing and commission.

To become an engineering project manager, you need a degree in engineering and practical experience in the field. Then you can also complete a master’s degree in engineering management.

Salary: $58,000 to $122,000 per year

IT Project Manager

In Canada, the average IT project manager earns $ 100,000 a year. It is one of the best careers for women in technology, combining technical knowledge with organizational and people skills.

To become an IT project manager, you need at least one degree in an IT-related field and several years of experience.

Salary: $53,500 to $170,000 per year

Aerospace Engineer

An aerospace engineer in Canada earns $ 75,347 a year on average. As older aerospace engineers retire and the industry continues to grow, qualified candidates will continue to be sought in Canada for several years.

It is one of the best paid jobs for Generation Z. There are several institutions in Canada that offer degrees in aerospace engineering.

Salary: $49,000 to $110,000 per year

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