What does a Dental Assistant do on a daily basis?

Dental Assistant:

Dental assistants perform a variety of patient care, office and laboratory tasks, and often work in the chair when dentists examine and treat patients. They make it as comfortable as possible for patients in the treatment chair, prepare them for treatment and collect their dental files.

Function do Dental Assistants Serve:

The job of a dental assistant may not be the same everywhere: different clinics may have different systems and the legislation is different in different countries.

There are dentists who work alone, and there are clinics where dentists are constantly supported by two or three assistants.

The dental assistant usually participates in the work in different ways:

The assistant is usually responsible for the setup and lets everything work in the morning (air compressor, exhaust, computer, air conditioning, lighting, etc). Then, he or she makes sure there are materials and equipment available, disinfecting surfaces, sterilizing or sterilizing instruments, charging batteries and other technical items.

The assistant often distributes packaged and sterilized instruments in the right place in the room.

The assistant usually places the patient in the chair and prepares him for the dentist’s treatment. The assistant helps with all processes handling instruments and materials, handling suction and photopolymerization, and eliminating used instruments and materials.

The assistant usually does not contaminate the gloves or hands in the patient’s mouth, so he can touch disinfected but non-sterile things that the dentist cannot replace without gloves every time.

The assistant removes the used equipment after the patient has been treated and prepares the instruments for washing and sterilizing them. In some places, attendees are also responsible for the sterilization process.

The assistant can set new appointments and answer the call if a secretary does not that.

The chair and surrounding surfaces are disinfected between patients and new instruments designed for the dentist.

After work, the assistant must clean the device and lubricate and disinfect all surfaces.

In many cases, the assistant also sterilizes all used and washed instruments, but there are often trained personnel to do so.

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