What is 5G Network Technology?

5G Internet is the next evolution of mobile network technology. Like the previous 4G, 5G focuses on mobile data. 5G promises three important improvements.

Fast network speed:

The 5G network can be downloaded at a speed of 20Gbps. The exact speed that individual users will obtain will depend on how the network is configured, the number of devices in the network and the devices in your hand.

The 5G specification states that individual users must verify a minimum download speed of 100Mbps. Minimum speed NBN.

Low latency:

Latency is generally best described as the time it takes for information to travel from your phone to the wider Internet and vice versa. The typical latency for a 4G network is approximately 60 milliseconds, and 5G can be as low as 1 millisecond.

A tremendous reduction in this latency is critical for technologies such as self-driving cars that can prevent collisions every millisecond.

More simultaneous connections:

5G Network allows more devices to connect to the network at the same time. The use of smartphones continues to increase, but this is particularly important since 5G facilitates new developments in autonomous vehicles, connected machines and Internet objects devices.

These improvements allow almost to invoke 5G “Fiber to the Phone”. The above has historically been a much less flexible wired network area due to the need for physical links to the Internet.

5G Network:

The easiest explanation for 5G Network communication is that ‘one lane has turned into a ten-lane highway’. “Roads” are wider, so you can send and receive voice and video more than 10 times faster than now. It takes one second to download a 2-hour movie. Just like a mobile carrier ad, now an entertainer can apply AR and VR technology to come to my room in a virtual form. For this reason, ‘super high speed’, ‘super low ductility’, and ‘super connect ability’ are considered as features of 5G.

Speaking of ‘fast downloads’, most consumers are still fast enough to say what they are doing faster. Even if virtual reality is possible, there are a lot of people who are struggling to figure out what will be different than those who play games. It is expected that the 5G Network service will take a little longer to become popular because the service area is limited to the center of Seoul city.

It is broader from an industrial point of view. Just as in the 4G era, YouTube was born in real time without downloading video, experts believe that new services will be born in the 5G era.

If 4G was the time when only ‘smartphone’ was the main character, 5G Network will connect various fields such as autonomous cars, robots, and smart factories to create new services. For example, autonomous vehicles are still available, but there are still many limitations. If the connection is delayed, it can cause an accident in front of the eyes. However, if the 5G communication infrastructure is installed, data can be transmitted and received at a high speed, enabling a smooth autonomous driving vehicle operation.

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