What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is a field of medicine that studies and uses for treatment the effects on the human body of natural factors: heat, cold, light, water, electric and magnetic fields, mechanical stimulation, and others.

Physiotherapy treatment:

Compared with pharmacological methods, physiotherapy treatment has a milder effect, stimulates natural processes leading to recovery. For example, physiotherapy in osteoporosis includes physical therapy, mechanical effects on the vertebrae and the soft tissues surrounding them.

Through a combination of these techniques, relaxation of clamped muscles, restoration of mobility of the vertebrae and normalization of the inter vertebral discs is achieved.

The main advantage that physiotherapy has is that the procedures only help the body to restore the normal state from which it was derived as a result of the disease.

Especially effective is the treatment of physio therapy in chronic diseases, for rehabilitation after surgery or exacerbation’s. General physiotherapy and rehabilitation can significantly accelerate recovery.

Against the background of the influence of adverse factors of modern urban life and the search for ways to preserve health, paid physio therapy in Moscow is in increasing demand. Hardware methods provide ample opportunities for the choice of methods of influence on the body.

Modern physio therapy in the clinic has a rich arsenal of techniques, but in this area, bordering on alternative medicine, it is extremely important scientific approach and a comprehensive account of all the circumstances and all the subtleties of treatment.

The Research Center for Preventive Medicine offers physio therapy services based on state-of-the-art equipment, which is used by attentive and qualified personnel. Our department of physio therapy conducts special courses of procedures, training in exercises of therapeutic gymnastics, comprehensive programs for the rehabilitation of patients.

In the center of preventive medicine, physiotherapy treatment is monitored by the relevant departments of the scientific department. Through the efforts of talented scientists, the latest developments in this field are being introduced and their effectiveness is monitored. Our doctors have gained great experience in treating a wide variety of pathologies and successful rehabilitation in the most difficult cases.

Physiotherapist Salary in Australia 2019.

Thanks to close cooperation with scientists, the physio therapy center of the center demonstrates not only the high efficiency of treatment, but also the achievements in the general rehabilitation of patients who ultimately eliminate the need for frequent visits to doctors.

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Physiotherapist Salary in Australia 2019

Physiotherapist Salary in Australia 2019